Patch 6.2 Hotfixes – July 21

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Post)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Tier-18 2-piece set bonus for Protection Paladins‚ Avenger’s Reprieve effect no longer stacks and will refresh the duration of the effect instead.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hammer of the Righteous to often hit the primary target twice instead of damaging one of the secondary targets.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Fixed an issue where the damage increase in a hotfix from June 26 for Repudiation of War was not working correctly.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Felhunter should now correctly require line-of-sight with its target to use the Spell Lock ability. Previously, it was incorrectly using line-of-sight with the Warlock instead.

Naval Missions

  • Black Market Journal: This naval mission should now have the correct blockade prerequisite for Barrier Sea.


  • Filling the Ranks: Tracking for progress towards completing the achievement should now be working correctly.